The Luther Tour - Savonarola

4 - 10 September 2014


For 2014 Luther Tour is going to Italy to the beautiful medieval walled town of San Gimignano to study the life and times of Girolamo Savonarola (1452-98), perhaps the most fascinating of the early reformers who preceded the Reformation. We will be visiting towns off the beaten track such as Pienza and Volterra as well as spending two days in Florence. These are all all UNESCO World Heritage sites, four in total.

We will be accompanied by Bishop Peter Stephens, Professor of Church History at Aberdeen University before his retirement. He has published world class books on many figures of the Reformation. The tour is organized by Revd. Robert Hampson of Holy Trinity Church, South Woodford, London. Luther Tour's first tour was in 2007.

2014 Prices for the Luther Tour

The price of the tour is 拢645. This includes all travel within Italy, accommodation and half board for six nights/seven days at the Augustinian monastery in San Gimignano, visits to sites, guided tours and talks in the various places with the sole exception of Florence on Monday 8th September when there will be various options to be priced individually. Price of the tour also includes five lectures, three by Rt. Revd. Prof. Peter Stephens on Erasmus and the Renaissance (1) and Martin Bucer (2) and by Revd. Robert Hampson on Savonarola (2). There is no additional cost for single room occupancy.

Flights from the UK need to be booked and paid for by participants independently. This should not cost much more than 拢100, and less if done quickly.

We are flying this time with Vueling Airlines from London Gatwick to Florence Airport. Vueling is a low cost Spanish Airline, now flying from the UK. See times on the itinerary tabs. Care has been taken to find times that are suitable for people to travel to Gatwick airport at a decent time for departure, and also to provide time to travel home from the Gatwick on return to the UK. There is also the possibility of booking your flight from other destinations to meet up with the group in Florence Airport, particularly if flying from the far corners of the UK.

There may of necessity be small changes to the itinerary.

email to request further information on Luther Tours.

Alternatively you can write to:

c/o Holy Trinity Vicarage
185 Hermon Hill
South Woodford
E18 1QQ

Or telephone: 020 8530 3029

Savonarola Tour Itinery

Thursday 4.9.2014 Outbound journey from Gatwick to Florence.
Friday 5.9.2014Monastery of St. Marco.
Saturday 6.9.2014San Gimignano.

Sunday 7.9.2014Volterra.
Monday 8.9.2014Florence.
Tuesday 9.9.2014Pienza.

Wednesday 10.9.2014San Gimignano and then home.

Tour Dates

LutherTour 2014: Savonarola runs from 4 - 10 September 2014. The cost is 拢645 per person (you will need to arrange your own flights)

About LutherTour

Luther Tour first ran in 2007. It was repeated in 2008, 2010 and 2011. In 2010 there were also two trips to Oberammergau. In 2012 our focus was on the Swiss Reformation.

The original Luther Tour visited Eisleben where Luther was born and died, Eisenach where he went to school, Erfurt where he studied at University and enter the monastery, Wartburg where he was kept secretly and translated the New Testament into German, and Wittenberg where he was Professor of Scripture and started the Reformation by nailing his complaints on a church door.

Swiss Reformation

Tour Feedback

"I hope you are refreshed after the demands of leading the tour. You showed great grace and sensitivity, so it is not surprising that people come again and again" - 2012

"Thank you very much for very interesting tour! Should your Savonarola idea come off I should be interested, all being well and if not extra hassle for you. Thanks again" - 2012

"M. and I had a wonderful week. Thank you for all your endeavours in ensuring that we covered a lot of ground both geographically and theologically. This was a complex tour to organise and we greatly appreciated the care you had taken to provide us with some excellent local guides and to keep the costs low in such an expensive country. Bishop Peter was an inspirational teacher and greatly enhanced our understanding of the issues involved - what a lovely man he is! We enjoyed the company of some stimulating companions. It was good to catch up with some old friends and make the acquaintance of some new ones." - 2012

LutherTour Feedback

"Thank you for last week. Apart from making the trip work well, your constantly exercised ability to do this provided me, and others, with a good example of how to behave in everyday life. Thank you for giving us such a gift alongside the Luther Tour itself." - 2007

"Thank you so much, it was good to be with you and the group on a fascinating and enjoyable journey in the steps of this great man - truly inspiring!" - 2007

"I want to thank you for arranging an excellent tour. You are very efficient, very hard working and a very caring person. Your splendid sense of humour and remarks on the coach etc., all very relaxing and helpful." - 2007

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