Day 5 - Monday 8th September, 2014


We will return to Florence for a full 3 hour city tour with special reference to Savonarola. There will be the opportunity to visit the Uffici with our guide and even if it can be arranged the Vasari corridor which passes from the Uffizi across the River Arno, slicing its way through houses and churches. These tours are not included in the price and must be paid pro-rata).

Florence - Ponte Vecchio

Uffizi gallery, from the Arno.

Piazza della Signoria, where Savonarola died in 1498

Savonarola is burnt at the stake


Historically Florence must rank as perhaps the most interesting city on earth. It has produced Italy's national poet, Dante, its greatest artists, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, its greatest and most notorious political philosopher, Machiavelli, and its most famous reformer, Savonarola. It is home to Italy's most famous family, the Medici, has Italy's most famous bridge, the Ponte Vecchio, and houses Italy's, perhaps the world's, greatest art gallery, the Uffizi.

The Medici were strong and powerful rulers of Florence during the Renaissance. However when Lorenzo de' Medici died in 1492, his son Piero II proved a poor substitute. The people rose up and expelled him and republican government was restored. During this period Savonarola became the dominant citizen. He had long criticized Lorenzo for his moral excesses but also earned his respect. With the Medici gone he now demanded an ongoing reform of all aspects of Florentine life with a higher degree of democratic rule.

LutherTour Feedback

"I cannot let too much time pass to reiterate how much I enjoyed the whole experience of the journey to Oberammergau. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for making this possible for me in every way. Your kindness and consideration for other was duly noted and will I am sure serve as a good example to us all." - 2010

"Dear Robert we thank you so much for a wonderfully informative and enriching time, and for your sincere and passionate enthusiasm and kindness." - 2010

"Thank you so very much for the most wonderful, memorable few days. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed them." - 2010

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